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      XSG 系列快速旋轉閃蒸干燥機

      聯系電話: 0510-86384831
      手機熱線: 13151025777
      手機熱線: 18861727717 王玲玲
      關鍵詞: XSG 系列快速旋轉閃蒸干燥機           



         On the basis of taking and absorbing the foreign advanced equipment and technology, our factory and Shenyang Chemical Research Institute under the Chemical Ministry of the State have developed this machine. This is a new kind of drying equipment used for drying the materials, such as paste state, filter cake state, thixotropy, thermal sensitive powder and particles. Our factory is equipped with the test sample machine, which can be used for carrying out the drying tests of various feeds for our users and for supplying the data and for helping the type selection.




         The hot air enters into the bottom of the drier in tangent direction. Under the driving of the stirrer, a powerful rotating wind field is formed. The paste state materials enter into the drier through the screw charger. Under the powerful function of the stirring vanes at high-speed rotation, the materials are distributed under the function of strike, friction and shearing force. The block state materials will soon be smashed and contact the hot air fully and the materials are heated and dried. The dried materials after the de-watering will go up with the heat-air flow. The step rings will stop and keep the big particles. Small particles will be discharged out of the drier from the ring center and will be restored by the whirl separator and dust remover. The not-fully-dried or big piece materials will be sent to the wall of the equipment by centrifugal force function and be smashed again after they fall down to the bottom. 








         This machine combines the whirl technology with the fluidity, ejection and smashing step technologies.

         The equipment is compact and small in size, high in production efficiency and continuous in the production. It has realized that " a small equipment can perform the large production".

         The drying capacity for this machine is big but its energy consumption is low. Its heat efficiency can go up to more than 70%.

         The material stay time is very short. The quality of the final products is very good. The machine can be used for drying the heat sensitive materials.

         For the negative pressure or the micro-negative pressure operation, the machine is good for its tightness and high in the effciency so as to eliminate the environmental pollution.

      XSG 系列快速旋轉閃蒸干燥機


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